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Here are some tips for finding affordable car insurance in Singapore


Having car insurance is mandatory in several countries, including Singapore. However, one should not sign a deal with the first agent they meet. These deals are usually not the most affordable ones, and many people later regret buying insurance in a rush. Policyholders should check if their purchases are sensible and provide them with the benefits they pay for. For clarity, you can Check out G&M if you are looking for car insurance in Singapore.

Here are other tips for finding affordable insurance deals.

  1. Shop around

If one’s insurance is about to expire, it is not wise to renew it automatically. Further, it is even more crucial to check with a few agents if someone is purchasing it for the first time. One may think that all deals are similar. However, it is surprisingly not true as one can find varying prices for similar benefits. So, it is advisable to shop around and talk to different agents before signing a deal.

  1. Discounts

If someone feels that there is no scope for discounts on car insurance, they are wrong. As uncomfortable as it may be, one should ask if they can get a discount. Many insurance providers give offers to regular clients. Some others check the driving history and see if they can reward them accordingly. Usually, they look at the records from the last five years. So, one should ask if they are eligible for the safe drivers’ special discount.

Check out G&M if you are looking for car insurance in Singapore.

  1. No modifications

If someone plans to modify their car, they should stop and think. It is because any modification can change the rate of the insurance policy. It applies to both new and used cars. It is logical because if one replaces certain parts of their vehicle with other expensive ones, they can not expect to have insurance for the standard rate. Minor changes, such as the fancy tire trims, can increase the price. So, one should be careful with these changes.

  1. Increase the excess

When signing an insurance deal, one would need to give a number for the excess. Generally, higher excess gives lower premiums. So, if one needs to save money at the moment, they can raise the excess.

  1. No unnecessary coverage

If someone has owned a car for several years, they know what coverage they might need. So, one should look at the policy carefully and pay for only the types of coverage they need. It is essential for older vehicles.

With these tips, one can find affordable and suitable car insurance deals in Singapore.